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Job Description – Production/Warehouse

Primary Responsibilities;

  • Production of Moist Clay using the Plant machinery and computer.
    • Using the Computer scaling program.
    • Required production outcome of 3 to 4 pallets of finished clay per shift (40 boxes (50LB each) per 2000 lb pallet)
    • Transferring 25lb clay pugs to boxes
    • Loading 25lb and 50lb boxes to a pallet
    • Using a forklift
    • Perform needed wash-downs of plant equipment with the pressure washer, disassemble, and clean clay making equipment per company standards
    • Clean work area at the end of each shift according to company practices
    • Follow ALL company safety practices
    • Must be able to lift 50-75 lbs regularly, all day
    • Must be able to stand all day
  • Outbound loads and inbound products
    • Using forklift to load and unload trucks and stage pick-up orders.
    • Using forklift, carts, or dollies to load customer vehicles
    • Provide support to any other department as neededShift is 8am to 2pm Monday through Friday
    • Hours could increase up to 40+ per week upon completion of training

Brand Spankin’ New … Amaco Satin Matte Glazes!

(SM) Satin Matte, Cone 5-6

Satin Mattes break slightly over edges and texture and boast a soft satin feel. These glazes are formulated to be 100% mixable (except for Orange and Red, which have a different base.) Use Clear Satin to lighten color tones, Satin Black to create shades, and Satin White to create tints.


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