Runyan Elves Standing By!

That’s right, we’re standing by to assist last minute Christmas pick-ups, Gift Certificates, Creative Gift Ideas, “In-Stock” Kilns, Potters Wheels & Equipment. Ready for pick-up by Santa’s Helpers!

Runyans’ December Super Saturday week starts Monday December 8th and runs through SUPER SATURDAY DECEMBER 13TH.

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Pre-Holiday Bakers’ Dozen SALE!

That’s right Early Christmas Shoppers – come on out and pick up your Christmas Goodies … see attached flier for full details.

Runyan Pottery Supply Inc. – UPDATE

Runyan Pottery Supply has been very busy addressing the changes in the marketplace, suppliers, materials, and transportation; this is a dynamic that requires constant attention. We have also received a number of inquiries asking if the business has been sold and who are the new owners. Also, are Paul and Mary still there?

Over the past 42 years, our mission at Runyan Pottery Supply has been to manufacture and provide only the highest quality clay materials and supplies for you, our valued customers.

It has been a rewarding experience for us working together with you to resolve some of the challenges that can come from working with clay, glaze application, and firing practices. The process has always presented an opportunity of net gain for both parties as we continually learn together. With this gained knowledge we all work together to support the ceramics community and continue to build relationships with the next new teacher, potter, and/or enthusiast.

In order to continue our services, there was an agreement formed 3 years ago between Paul, Mary, Tony, and Annette Zintsmaster. Realizing the company needed to be protected from the loss of its principles and to allow Paul and Mary more time to pursue their personal interests, with Paul often doing that in our lab and Mary’s support of purchasing/marketing.                Two years ago we reorganized to have Tony and Annette run day to day operations as the owners, with the support of Paul and Mary and the hard work of Amy Williams (our sales manager for over 12 years). Our goal has been and always will be to provide the same quality of service that our customers come to expect and will enjoy well into the future. We also appreciate the work and support of staff members Caryn Langdon (Marketing and Catalog Layout), Eileen Dinsmore (Customer Service), and Jarrid Allis (Clay Production and Quality Control). Paul and Mary remain vested in the company and will always be part of Runyan Pottery Supply. While not there every day, they plan to always support our continuing commitment to our customers.

We all look forward to working with you in the future.

Yours in the Ceramic Arts,

Paul & Mary Runyan

Tony & Annette Zintsmaster

Lid Master


California Pot Tools



piepenburg trimming disc

The Giffin Grip

giffin grip

Universal Bat System

Save Time, Space and Money with the Universal Bat System.

universal bat

Brent Back Relief

brent back relief

The Quick Center by Brent

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