We’re growing!

Do you know anyone who might be interested? Contact Amy at 810-687-4500 Job Description – Production/Warehouse Primary Responsibilities; Production of Moist Clay using the Plant machinery and computer. Using the Computer scaling program. Required production outcome of 3 to 4 pallets of finished clay per shift (40 boxes (50LB each) per 2000 lb pallet) Transferring […]

Potters’ Paradise Week

Aloha!  Come on in and visit the Tropical Oasis at Runyans’ … sip on fruity punch and partake of Bargain Prices on Texture Rollers, Corks, Pin Frogs, Sponges, Sandy Pads and Oceanic Blue Glaze! This month’s flier includes some really cool stuff … from Amaco – a new layering page for PC-57 Smokey Merlot; a […]

Runyan Pottery Supply Inc. – UPDATE

Runyan Pottery Supply has been very busy addressing the changes in the marketplace, suppliers, materials, and transportation; this is a dynamic that requires constant attention. We have also received a number of inquiries asking if the business has been sold and who are the new owners. Also, are Paul and Mary still there? Over the […]