New Book! “Making Faces”

Ceramic Sculpture MAKING FACES

A Guide to Modeling the Head & Face with Clay by Alex Irvine

Sculpt faces that express the range of human emotion.

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Runyan Guide to Enhancers, Menders & Glue

Greenware, Bisqueware, Enhancers or Good Ol’ Fashioned Glue … which to use when a pottery piece cracks or breaks?

No fear, Runyans is here! Runyans Guide to Enhances, Menders & Glue is here!

WhatChaMaCallIt Wednesday – PIN FROGS!

So you’ve created the perfect bowl and want flowers to be added “just so” … how do you do it? With a PIN FROG

Limited Edition Texture Molds

Beautiful Hosta Leaf mold and special plaster roller molds at a great price!


Amaco® Low Fire Tabletop Kiln for Jewelry and Small Projects

Amaco® Low Fire Tabletop Kiln for Jewelry and Small Projects

Click here for full details … GREAT PRICE on this brand new small kiln.62-efc kiln

Fantastically Fun Friday!

What could be more fun than creating a work of art and making it fun AND functional? Our FEATURE ITEMS today do just that … WROUGHT IRON TABLES with Tile Inserts. (Previously used for showroom display) That’s right! Make your own beautiful tiles, place them and enjoy! Imagine your grandchildren’s handprints immortalized in more than just dust!

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July Super Sale starts THIS Saturday!

july sales datesjuly header art

Bizarre Bargains & Clearance items throughout the Store! Plus 20% OFF “Potter’s Select” Tool Kits. Click here to see full flier.

New Amaco Glazes

The Brand New (Mid-Range Cone 5-6) Amaco Celedon Glazes and (Low-Fire Cone 05-06) Amaco Teacher’s Palette Glazes are in and ready to be brushed on your projects!

Two New Books!

Just in time for gift giving … two brand New 500 Series Books:

500 Teapots & 500 Figures in Clay (both volume 2)

Material Safety Data Sheets

MSDS for all of the Raw Materials that we sell are now available online.

Click “Catalog” then “Raw Materials”