The April Super Saturday is coming!!

Wednesday, April 9th thru SUPER SATURDAY April 12th: Jump into Spring Sale! 20% OFF all Amaco Glaze & Underglaze!! Plus 20% OFF Select Spectrum Glazes (click on flier below)

For the April Flier click here

Two New Books!

Just in time for gift giving … two brand New 500 Series Books:

500 Teapots & 500 Figures in Clay (both volume 2)

Material Safety Data Sheets

MSDS for all of the Raw Materials that we sell are now available online.

Click “Catalog” then “Raw Materials”

Introducing: Brand New! Cone 5/6 Whiteware

Introducing: M-33, Our newest Runyan Moist Clay body, Cone 5/6 WHITEWARE THROWING, a true white stoneware. Forgiving, smooth and easy to work with while throwing and carving. Fits a wide range of commercial glazes and is tolerant to various firing practices. Mention this post to receive your FREE Sample with your next order or for pickup in our showroom.

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Facebook is a great way to keep up with family and friends, isn’t it? That’s what we enjoy personally about it so we’ve decided it’s about time to start creating that with our Runyan family as well. If you’re interested in learning more about each of the people you talk with here and what we’re up to … (along with other fun stuff over time…) make sure to LIKE us on Facebook.

Mr. Happy Pot in Runyanland

We’ve added a whole new realm to our website … be sure to click above on: “Mr. Happy Pot in Runyanland” *hear: wooooooo!* (you know, “wooooo!” like you’d say when you look at fireworks; not “woooo.” like you’d say at the idea of doing laundry.)

PsssssssT… teachers… there’s a link there to Ready-Made FUN plans too (ok, so other people call them “lesson plans” but that’s just too bland and colorless for us.)

Enabling People to be the Best they can be in their field…

We are the leading manufacturer of moist pottery clay and distributor of a complete line of ceramic equipment and supplies.  Call and talk to real people for repair help, parts and quick shipment of your order.
The Potters’ Warehouse
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